Muireann is working on a novel and Sarah is writing a history PhD and while writing together in a Dublin café, we both lamented the fact that we get vastly more work done while out in the world, but really can’t afford to buy enough coffee, tea, and cake to justify the space we take up in a café for this to be anything more than an occasional treat.  ‘If only there were a place where we could sit and write and bring coffee and snacks and plug in our laptops,’ we thought.  At which point a cartoon lightbulb popped into being above our table as we both realized that there could be a place like that – if we organized it!

And thus, the greatest and most productive procrastination was born as Muireann and Sarah plotted a writing group over coffee/tea/cake or burritos/beers.  ‘Shut up and work!’ was our original name, but we thought that perhaps shouting at people wasn’t the best way to create some sort of a writing community.  So we instead decided to go with Write Something! as it most reflected our own goals.  We’ve since realized that Do Something Quietly would have been more accurate, if a bit cumbersome to say.

We’re still working out the kinks, but it’s been an interesting project so far and has definitely managed to get people together and writing in public so we think that’s a good first step!